OKM History


OKM celebrated 20 years of innovation and development in the field of metal detection and presented a new detector with world’s first adaptable probe that can be used vertically as well as horizontally.


OKM intensified its research and development by cooperating with universities and research institutes. Furthermore OKM established its own in-house PCB mounting process.


OKM moved to its new headquarters, a golden pyramid, in Altenburg. Along with this new building, OKM set up an extensive test field where customers can test their new equipment.


OKM introduced its first smartphone application that was used as controller for a 3d ground scanner, which simplified the usage of future metal detectors.


OKM established its own mechanical and molding department to create and produce individual casings for its ground detectors. This was an essential step to fight growing product piracy.


OKM founded its subsidiary OKM Emirates FZE in the United Arab Emirates to support the growing number of Middle East customers. Additionally, Kellyco Metal Detectors, the world’s leading supplier of metal detectors, started distributing OKM detectors after intensive testing and training. OKM’s technology was successfully tested and certified by Dr. Karl-Heinz Walker, an independent physicist and technical expert for measuring and sensor technologies as well as a publicly certified and sworn expert of the IHK Karlsruhe (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).


The private partnership OKM GbR renamed to a private limited company OKM GmbH and started expanding globally. Therefor OKM obligated independent dealers and resellers to include OKM detectors in their product line. OKM took part at a governmental contest for innovative developments named “Innovationspreis Thüringen” (“Innovation prize of Thuringia”).


OKM registered first national and international patents and utility models as well as trademarks to protect inventions and innovations like world’s first 3d ground scanner with integrated color screen to visualize measuring data directly. OKM received compliments from prime minister of Thuringia Dieter Althaus related to the participation at the founders contest “Marktlücke” (“market niche”).


Mr. Andreas Krauß partnered with Mr. Ingolf Müller to establish a private partnership named OKM GbR, in which OKM stands for “Ortungstechnik Krauß und Müller”. OKM presented all novel developments in TV shows and expert conferences, where enthusiastic treasure hunters and archaeologists noticed the new detection capabilities and the increased depth range of the detectors


Mr. Andreas Krauß started developing his first 3d ground scanner with visual 3d representation of buried objects. This marked the beginning of the famous ”Future Series”, which included metal detectors like Future 2001, Future 2005 and Future I-160.