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IDC International Detector Center GmbH

on June 05, 2020

International Detector Center – the name says it all: The international company serves customers from all over the world – in English, German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Portuguese.


  • Service in 6 languages
  • Large showroom
  • Test field
  • Consultation
  • Detector training
  • Scan analyses
  • Annual event "Detectorworld"
OKM Distributor IDC


Distribution network

IDC is a company with several sales points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since IDC GmbH was founded in 2013, it has also been part of the network of authorized OKM distributors.

IDC International Detector Center GmbH
Bunde-West 37
26831 Bunde

T: +49 495 370 828 10 | +49 176 399 086 73


IDC services for successful treasure hunts

Since 2018 IDC is based in Bunde (Germany). The 1000 qm detector center offers a large showroom and test fields outside. Besides competent consulting, IDC services also include training and scan analyses to equip detector users for successful detection.

OKM Distributor IDC

The company's passion still lies in the hobby area. However, in the present and also in the future, professional detectors and ground scanners are of increasing importance for archaeologists as well as security forces and construction industry.


Detectorworld – Where the Who is Who of Metal Detection meets

In 2018, IDC organized the first "Detectorworld”: the largest international exhibition and event on metal detection and archaeology.


Passion for metal detectors – a family tradition

The International Detector Center has its origin in the company Kooistra Detectors Netherlands. Metal detectors are not just a vocation, but a family tradition that has been cherished since 1984.


"Turning a hobby into a profession is not everyone's cup of tea,
but how wonderful it is when it works!"


The enthusiasm for metal detectors has made the company the supplier for several gold rushes in Africa. Read the full story and get further details about the IDC company history at


OKM at IDC in May 2020

Only recently OKM visited IDC to present and test the new treasure detector and ground scanner eXp 4500.