Treasure chest filled with coins excavated in Mexico

An enthusiastic team of treasure hunters from Mexico were the lucky finders of this treasure chest filled with various valuable old coins. The chest was excavated from the basement inside a residential house.

The small team of hobby treasure hunters are well equipped with different metal detecting instruments. During their research with the Future Series detector Rover C (Future 2003/4) they proceeded in a much professional way. They were using a large checkered plane laying on the ground as orientation for the measure points while scanning with the 3d ground scanner Rover C. In this way they were able to keep exactly the same distance between each measure point which allows to locate the exact position and size of a potential treasure find later.

Rover C Grid Survey W0 I430: Uno de los cazadores de tesoros está utilizando el detector de metales Rover C para encontrar tesoros escondidos.
3d Metal Detector Scan W0 I426: Paso a paso el operador de Rover C escanea el sótano de la edificio para detectar el lugar donde está enterrado el tesoro.

By scanning manually impulse by impulse and line by line in a most precise way, they obtained a much accurate 3d scan image from this area and so were able to locate this important spot. With some control scans over the same place they could confirm this indication in the 3d software and decided to start the excavation at this place.

Treasure Chest W0 I432: La foto muestra el afortunado descubridor de este descubrimiento, la celebración con el cofre de madera, en frente de algunas de las muchas monedas de cobre oxidado y las llaves con la cerradura junto a la caja.
treasure-coins-mexico-w0-i433: Einige der Kupfermünzen beim Herausnehmen aus der Schatzkiste. Einige der Münzen sind mit Staub bedeckt.

Triumphant and excited they successfully excavated a wooden box filled with old coins. Next to the chest they additionally digged out the lock of this chest and two old rusty keys. The ancient coins are made of copper. The box gives the impression of beeing self-made.

Treasure Box W0 I431: El interior del cofre cuando la mayoría de las monedas fueron retirados y esta casi vacío.
copper-coins-w0-i429: Otra vista detallada de las monedas encontradas.

The copper coins show Cuauhtémoc (also known as Cuauhtemotzin, Guatimozin or Guatemoc) who was an Aztec ruler of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan became the seat of the growing Aztec empire in the 15th century. The ruins of this Aztec city Tenochtitlan are now situated in Mexico City, in Mexico.

centavitos-w0-i428: Varias monedas que se ha encontrado dentro del cofre del tesoro de madera.
aztec-coins-w0-i427: Una vista de algunas monedas que muestran la imagen de Cuauhtémoc, el Gobernante azteca de Tenochtitlán.

This treasure is another proof that there still exist so many lost treasures. It just takes a lot of time, patience and hard work to find them.