Golden statue found in Afghanistan

This golden statue has been found with metal detector Rover Deluxe in Afghanistan. The item has been located inside a cavity together with some other small pieces of metal in a depth of 4-5 meters under the ground.

Golden Statue Detail W0 I449: Vista desde la parte inferior con signos alfabéticos
golden-statue-afghanistan-w0-i448: Die goldene Figur neben einer Zigarettenschachtel als Größenvergleich.

The lucky finder wrote us an email where he says:
"It is a power symbol of Persian Empires in old time. There was a broker in near us he said it is about 2000 years old. And offer to buy it for about 800000$ but I think it may be more worth than that. Also some information is written under it. But I don’t know which alphabet is used. You can zoom on photo and see it."