Mummy found with the eXp 5000 ground scanner in Iraq

In 2010 the eXp 5000 again shows its agility for being a truly professional detector. During a customer training for some treasure hunters in Sulaymania, Iraq, a mummified cat was found.

mummy-treasure-iraq-w0-i368: Diese Mumie einer Katze wurde in einer Tiefe von 1,5 m geortet.
Mummified Cat Iraq W0 I367: El instrumento geofísicos eXp 5000 detecta la ubicación exacta del descubrimiento.

History shows that not only people were embalmed, but also animals. When a favorite pet died, the animal would be mummified. Sometimes special coffins or grave stones were made. In some animals, the incarnation of a deity was seen. They were kept in temples, were provided with special food and sometimes they were draped with jewels. And when these animals died, they received a complex funeral.

coins-grave-iraq-w0-i366: Estas monedas antiguas que se ha descubierto junto a la momia enterrada.
coins-belt-clip-artifacts-w0-i365: El sistema DDV es capaz de localizar objetos pequeños como monedas y los anillos de precisión.

This discovery was found at a depth of about 1.5 m. In addition to the mummified animal were a few coins discovered. Through a variety of geophysical sensors, the eXp 5000 metal detector can detect metallic and non-metallic treasures and artifacts. Especially the DDV system was developed to discriminate between gold, silver and iron metals.