Rover C II detects a goat statue made of copper and gold in Iran

End of 2008 we have been informed that customers from the kurdish part of Iran (Kurdistan) have found an ancient statue during their archaeological surveys with the 3d metal detector Rover C II. The statue was situated under a big stone with cryptical signs on it. The treasure find has been discovered in a depth of 1.40 m under the ground and its dimensions are 20 x 5 cm. The statue originates from the Median Empire is about 2200 years old. The material of the precious statue consists mostly of copper and zinc. Some of the ornaments of the figure are made of gold.

goat-statue-w0-i434: La antigua estatua con dos cabras de cobre y oro, detectado con el detector de tesoro Rover C II.
Stone Treasure Signs W0 I436: La piedra en las que la mediana de la estatua se ha encontrado. Los signos en la roca muestran un antiguo mapa del tesoro, puede dar lugar a que más tesoros escondidos en la zona circundante.

The find spot of this statue is located on an 2200 years old hill in the former Median Empire. Even in other chamber tombs of this region similiar statues and figurative representations of those goats has been found. The treasure symbols, which had been engraved into the stone, obviously gives indication to other hidden treasures. But it’s not very clear which information is written on that stone. Along with the statue other archaeological findings has been excavated.