Ancient goat bells discovered in Iran

Also in the beginning of 2008 satisfied customers inform us about their new discoveries with one of our metal detectors. An old grave including human remains together with some copper rings, and valuable historical goat or sheep bells has been detected in Iran by using the Future 2005. The grave, probably the tomb of a shepherd, including its valuable objects has been located in a depth of 210 cm in clay soil. The ancient bells with sizes 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm length and 6 cm, 9 cm, 13 cm width show different forms and unique structures. Each bell includes 1, 2 or 3 small balls who create the pleasant sound when ringing the bell. In former times bells were hung on goats or sheep to keep evil spirits away, so does inhabitants tell.

ancient-bells-w0-i470: Historische Glocken und einige Kupferringe, geortet mit dem Metalldetektor Future 2005.
Ancient Bell W0 I469: Una de las campanas históricas con sus estructuras bien.

Along with the pictures of the excavated objects the customer send us his scan images of the area. In both graphics there are typical indications of metal parts in red color visible. Inside the second image even the grave is identifiable (blue coloration).

Scan Image 01 W0 I471: Representación gráfica del descubrimiento en el software Visualizer 3d.
Scan Image 02 W0 I472: Una segunda imagen de la exploración de objetos ocultos con la representación típica de metal.