Fusion Light

Fusion Light is an easy-to-use ground scanner for treasure hunters who look for buried artifacts and hidden treasures in cavities such as tombs, tunnels and subterranean caches. The treasure detector is a special edition combining the favorite application properties of the powerful Fusion Professional with the flexibility and usability of Rover UC.

3D Ground Scan allows treasure hunters to detect gold treasures as well as underground anomalies and to visualize the scan data immediately on their Smartphone via Android App. With its integrated magnetometer the Fusion Light is able to locate ferrous metals like militaria and iron boxes filled e.g. with silver and gold coins, valuables and precious artifacts.

Discover a new dimension in treasure hunting: Fusion Light, the compact treasure detector for beginners and treasure hunters with small budget, convinces with simple handling and easy transport – perfect to achieve first successes in treasure hunting very fast.

  • Android App included
    Measurement results are displayed directly on the Android smartphone via OKM Fusion Light App. Easy-to-use thanks to multilingual user interface.
  • 3D ground scan function
    With 3D ground scan you can detect treasures as well as cavities such as burial chambers, tunnels and bunkers. The measured data can be saved for further analysis.
  • Magnetometer function
    The magnetometer function can be used to locate metallic artifacts, chests and deeply buried treasures and militaria.


  • 3D visualization
    3D visualization
  • Multilingual operation
    Multilingual operation
  • Wireless technology
    Wireless technology
  • 3D ground scan
    3D ground scan
  • Live Sound
    Live Sound
  • Rechargeable high-capacity battery
    Rechargeable high-capacity battery
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  • Fusion Light Manual EN

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3D Software (“Visualizer 3D”)
Android Tablet PC
Charger for control unit1
Carrying tube1
Android App (for smartphone and tablet)1
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