Metal detecting with Black Hawk metal detector

A couple of days ago we used the opportunity to went metal detecting with the Black Hawk pulse induction metal detector. The sun was shining and not far away from our company headquarters in Germany, there is a wooden area with some old houses. The perfect place to look for old buried objects and ancient artifacts. But in all likelihood, this area was metal detected before by other treasure hunters.

Metal detection with OKM Black Hawk
Treasure hunting with OKM Black Hawk: OKM went out for a short treasure hunt with the Black Hawk pulse induction metal detector.
Search coils for Black Hawk metal detector
16 cm and 36 cm search coils for OKM Black Hawk: The Black Hawk pulse induction metal detector offers different search coils for the detection of buried metal targets.

The Black Hawk metal detector is based on pulse induction technology and can be used with different search coils. We were using the 36 cm as well as the 16 cm search coils to find small items like rings, coins, medals, jewelry and the like in the subsurface area of the ground. After setting up the metal detectors and running the ground balance we started our treasure hunt. Swinging the search coils evenly over the underground it gave some signals here and there.

When the built-in basic metal discrimination feature indicated a heavy FE (ferrous) signal we mostly decided not to dig up the detected artifacts as we knew there is a lot of metallic trash out there. In any other case, we carefully started to unearth the hidden treasures. Some of our findings you can see in the pictures.

Algunas monedas se han encontrado con el OKM Black Hawk: Durante una breve búsqueda de tesoros con el detector de metales OKM Black Hawk, se han encontrado varias monedas antiguas.
Black Hawk metal detector detected toy car
Black Hawk detected toy car: OKM pulse induction metal detector located a rusty toy car in a woodland.

In only one hour we dug up a lot of ancient items whereas the deepest object we found that day was located in a depth of approximately 35 cm. The Black Hawk metal detector is well suited to quickly find buried objects close to the earth’s surface. That makes it a perfect metal detector for treasure hunters who are looking for coins, rings, necklaces, bracelets and similar objects as well as battlefield artifacts. This OKM pulse induction metal detector is also capable to locate underground gold nuggets and gold deposits, but unfortunately our region is not very famous for natural gold occurrences.

Black Hawk detected old rusty metal objects
Rusty ancient metal objects and coins located: A lost watch, some coins and rusty iron objects have been found with the OKM pulsinduction metal detector.

Maybe we will come back to this place at a later time using our 3d ground scanners eXp 4500 and eXp 6000 to look for the bigger and deeper hidden treasures and artifacts. But for now we will return to our company to clean and preserve the located items.