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Rover C II (2005-2009)

Rover C II (2005-2009)

A metal detector for professional treasure hunters who look for cavities, chambers, graves or hidden bunkers.
18 أغسطس 2009

Rover C (2001-2009)

The 3D metal detector Rover C is used to detect all kinds of metal and treasure like gold silver and ...
20 يوليو 2009

Future 2005 (2001- 2009)

The Future 2005 is a metal detector to find buried metal objects and cavities like tunnels, caves and sepulchers.
11 يونيو 2009

Localizer 3000 (2003-2007)

With Localizer 3000 you can detect hidden objects even in mineralized grounds.
31 ديسمبر 2007

VLF Emitter (2003-2007)

The VLF emitter sends out very low frequencies to reinforce the magnetic field of buried metal objects.
31 ديسمبر 2007

Grailfinder (2004-2007)

The Grailfinder locates burried treasurea and cavities below the surface.
18 يوليو 2007

eXp 3000 (2004-2006)

The eXp 3000 has been the first metal detector with real 3d graphics displayed on the integrated colored monitor.
28 يونيو 2006

Cavefinder (2004)

The Cavefinder is able to detect all kinds of voids like caves, tunnels, grave chambers, hidden rooms and other subsurface ...
16 يوليو 2004

Standard 3D (1999-2004)

Software to visualize metal detector measurements and evaluate position and depth of the detected objects.
30 يونيو 2004
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