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Glossary مصنف بواسطة Cavity Detection

Cavity Detection

Experience adventure, fascination and history: Cavity Detection with the appropriate detector goes beyond treasure hunting. Discover lost places and hidden ...
14 مايو 2020


Caves are naturally formed or man-made cavities in hills or cliffs and serve as excellent hiding places for valuable artifacts ...
14 مايو 2020


Catacombs are underground cemeteries. The subterranean galleries with recesses for tombs is typical for ancient Rome.
14 مايو 2020


Tunnels are artificial underground passages that serve as access to special rooms such as treasure troves or as secret escape ...
14 مايو 2020


Sarcophagi are stone coffins with inscriptions and usually associated with ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece. The magnificent coffins can be ...
14 مايو 2020


Bunkers are concrete shelters that serve(d) as a military base or as part of defence lines. The underground "settlements" from ...
14 مايو 2020

Treasure chests

Treasure chests are, in a certain sense, hollow spaces in which treasure hunters can find valuables.
14 مايو 2020


Arches are curved symmetrical building structures under bridges, roofs or walls. These old building structures often contain artefacts and valuable ...
14 مايو 2020


➤ Galleries and corridors with certain features – whether with arcades, surrounding an inner courtyard or connecting several rooms – ...
14 مايو 2020

Treasure trove

➤ Treasure troves supply a collection or store of valuable objects. Whether in castles and palaces or within the walls ...
14 مايو 2020
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